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The Magneton Pro


Please go to our News Reports section to see the new research being done on pulsed magnetic field therapy. It is not being done on our Magneton, but nevertheless, it is very promising and exciting!

The Magneton Pro   Introductory Price £126.90

Available soon

Cordless, Potable, Re-chargeable        

There is nothing else like it on the market for price and functionality

Tomorrow's technology - today! 

The Magneton Pro has been designed in the UK and is an improved version of the original Magneton


Use it:

At Home 
At Work
At the Gym                                      
On Holiday 

On the Sports Field

Prior to and after activity

For whenever you need easy access to relief and the benefits of natural energies.


The Magneton Pro is truly a revolutionary tool repairing soft tissue and relaxing stiff joints, both in humans and your animals.

The unit activates and stimulates the vibrational capacity of the cell. Results can be immediate.

Due to the depth of actual magnetic field penetration – up to 20 inches - it is not necessary to touch the injured area. If there is severe sensitivity, for burns or bruising, simply move The Magneton Pro in gently sweeping motion over the entire area a few inches above the skin The effect will be the same as when you actually touch the area. Again, if working with a nervous person or skittish animal – work on them in this way.  Even without the vibrational massaging touch, it is just as effective a session. 



BBC Breakfast News Sunday 23rd September.

Fayyaz Ahmed gave a very detailed explanation on how pulsed magnetic fields could help with the symptoms and pain caused He demonstrated with the help of a migraine sufferer, how relief could come within minutes.

We have been trying to tell The Migraine Trust to look into pulsed magnetic fields for 15 years...

The Magneton:

Our customers are continually telling us just how effective our device is in this regard. suffer from bad headaches or Migraine we ask you to try our device and see just how simple drug-free solutions can be.

Customer Inquiry:

Q: I do body building and get reoccurring tendinitis and muscle tears is the Magneton good for this? what is the difference between the Magneton and Magnessage


Hi Danny

When I first brought Biomagnetics to the UK in 1999, I developed the Magnessage for my then company Norstar. At the time it was a state of the art pulsed- designed precisely for the type of injury you are trying to treat. Norstar was then sold to old customers of mine and I then retired for a few years. However, old customers kept asking me to come back and develop a line of products.

It is possibly the most effective tool on the market for home use in healing and repairing soft injuries and relieving pain. We recommend 4 – 5 minutes use per treatment 2 to 3 times a day. In five minutes the magnetic field has done as much repair work as it can in one session.

As it is cordless; remember to take it with you to the sports field to give yourself a ‘warm up’ on the area that is obviously giving you recurring problems.

Hope that helps!  Gloria