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The VMT Magnetic Mattress  Pad



A truly remarkable product and investment, which will improve your lifestyle significantly.


  * Deep Penetration

  * Improved Energy  

  * Restores and Relieves


Whether used to improve general health, or for specific conditions our sleep system will be your greatest friend.

The mattress pad accesses your entire body to bathes you in deeply relaxing magnetic fields to enable  a better night’s sleep.

As your body downloads the day’s events these hours are crucial to well being. The body uses your sleeping hours to regroup – even bolstering your immune system – a magnetic pad can play a large part in that restoration. Easing you into a deeper, calmer and more restful night. And, a more restful nights sleep means increased energy during the day.

Used by tens of thousands for relief of rheumatism, arthritis, Fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries, the mattress pad will deal with inflammation during the night and ease you out of bed every morning.

An investment for a lifetime, our magnets will hold their field for 20 years (plus).


Contains:  Ceramic magnets built into a comfortable, quilted pad.

Three sizes Single, Double, UK King



I have only been on my mattress pad for three nights and already I can feel the difference. It is beginning to ferry me around and help me out of the deepest troughs both mentally and physically.  Thank you so much

   Claire , Bristol.


Gloria, I have to say I am staggered by how effective the mattress pad is. During the last few days I have been in less pain and have more energy than in the last eight years.  I am even driving again. I have my life back, it is absolutely brilliant, thanks.

 Christine Craggs-Hinton,    Author of ‘Living with Fibromyalgia’,

Sue StockdaleGloria, the magnetic sleeping bag you made for me was the best piece of kit I had with me.  It kept me warm at night and I could rely on it to recover my sore muscles and give me energy overnight. Thanks.

Sue Stockdale,  First British Woman to the North Pole




For Sportsmen

This is perhaps the greatest assist you will find to repair the ravages of your sports demands on your body. And best of all, it requires NO further effort on your part, your oxygen repair lasts all night

Forget Ice-Baths,this is the thinking man's way!

For Specific Conditions


For most of our customers, placing magnets on local areas is sufficient for their needs. However, we work continually with clients who suffer from particular conditions that

require a more complete approach to their pain and immune systems.

Fibromyalgia, M. E, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and acute Osteoarthritis are but a few conditions that can really benefit from our mattress pad.

Double blind clinical trials have been done on magnetic mattress pads in many countries, including Japan and the USA. The test in Japan at the San-Ikukai Hospital produced the following results.


Symptom                               Cases    Positive Results                Percentage%

Back Pain (general)                 31                    25                                           80.7

Back & Lower Back Pain          76                    61                                           80.3

Insomnia                                 70                   61                                            87.1

Fatigue                                   64                   53                                            82.8

Lower Limb Pain                     68                  54                                            79.4


“One in three households in Japan are said to sleep on a magnetic pad”.


The University of Virginia recently carried out trials with patients suffering from Fibromyalgia, as usual some of the controlled groups were given de-magnetized (placebo) pads whilst the remaining patients received magnetic ones.

Dr Ann Taylor, a member of the research team noticed significant difference in pain intensity following the six-month trial. The group using the magnetized pads showed markedly improved scores whilst the “sham” group needed to receive their usual medical care.


For anybody suffering from bone degeneration, Arthritis in multiple areas, general stiffness in the mornings and a lack of energy, mattress pads are our most effective magnetic products.


It has always been VMT policy to ensure our customers benefit from the latest technology and on going research from all over the world. In this way we hope to build long lasting relationships, one where our customers will continue to trust our judgment, and look to us to build the relevant products for their conditions.


Our aim is to make the best, at affordable prices.

A suitably constructed mattress pad is an investment that will bring you

quickly noticeable health benefits for a lifetime.